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Uber's Plans For Global Domination, Revealed Through Job Listings

Uber's long list of job openings show the company has designs on huge markets from India to New Zealand.

Uber's Plans For Global Domination, Revealed Through Job Listings

[Image: Flickr user Robert S. Donovan]

Uber's world domination plans are well under way, if you read between the lines of its massive list of available jobs. Positions listed include "Asia Expansion" in the "Expansion" department, and dozens of community managers in cities all over the world, from Ahmedabad, India, to Auckland, New Zealand. World: Uber is coming for you.

Clearly, regulatory wars haven't stopped the car service of the future from forging ahead both overseas and in U.S. markets. The car-on-demand app is already available in 160 cities worldwide, and announced availability in four more just this week. It has launched in 10 cities in India in less than a year, making it Uber's second biggest market after the U.S.

As Uber creates fleets overseas, it has and will continue to encounter resistance. This June taxi drivers in Europe protested Uber's infiltration into the market with a traffic jam. And Berlin recently banned the service, much to the delight of The Berlin Taxi Drivers' Association.

To help Uber with its mounting image and legal problems, Uber hired former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe as senior vice president of policy and strategy to finesse its relationships with consumers and regulators alike (hopefully, not via email).

(h/t Dan Gillmore)