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You Can Now Create Vines By Importing Existing Videos

Twitter's six-second video app also introduced new editing and shooting tools.

You Can Now Create Vines By Importing Existing Videos

Vine will now let users import existing videos to create six-second clips.

The Twitter-owned app on Wednesday also introduced new editing tools, including duplicate, mute, and preview buttons, to give content creators more control over the final product.

For those still creating Vines the old-fashioned way (so 2012), the app also added features to help improve shooting: focus lock on the front- and rear-facing cameras, ghost mode (a feature that helps align shots by showing the last frame), and enhanced low-light capabilities.

In July, Vine debuted a new analytics feature to count the number of loops, or times a clip has been played. Revealing some figures around its use, the app said more than 1 billion loops are played every day (keep in mind this figure might be inflated and not indicative of reach because the clips automatically play and replay) and more than 100 million people watch Vines each month.