Peyton Manning And Cam Newton Prank Convenience Store Customers In Gatorade’s New Hidden Camera Campaign

If Peyton Manning weren’t in the conversation for “best quarterback in NFL history” (need at least one more Super Bowl win there, big guy), he’d make a pretty convincing convenience store manager. That’s one of the takeaways from Gatorade’s new hidden camera-style campaign, in which the Broncos starter/dedicated pitchman surprises customers who attempt to buy a bottle of the sports drink.

Manning, of course, has spent years refining his “cornfed lovable dork” persona throughout countless commercial appearances and the occasional Saturday Night Live spot. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, meanwhile, is still finding his voice as a pitchman, which gives him a different role in the campaign–a vaguely confrontational fellow shopper.

In either case, the campaign from TBWA\Chiat\Day L.A.–which features eight different videos–involves customers at a convenience store attempting to buy Gatorade, only to be denied by the clerk, who informs them that they’re not sweaty enough to deserve the replenishing electrolytes contained in the sugary sports beverage. At this point, he either calls for his manager–and Manning appears–or fellow customer Cam Newton arrives to affirm that the convenience store guest is definitely way too wimpy to deserve some refreshing Gatorade.

There’s a certain staginess to several of the hidden camera-style campaign’s videos–some people are quick to calmly engage with a convenience store employee who refuses to sell them a beverage, while others come off as more natural–but regardless of whether the customers are legitimately shocked at the appearance of one of the NFL’s star quarterbacks, or, more likely, if they’re actors playing the part, the campaign makes clear that Cam Newton and Peyton Manning can be real jerks to people without breaking a sweat.