Watch It: See Every Stylized, Bloody Death From Every Quentin Tarantino Movie

“I want my scalps!” Brad Pitt once memorably yelled, as Lt. Aldo Raine in Inglourious Basterds. At the time, he was referring to a mandate for all of his WWII soldiers to retain head-flappy souvenirs from their Nazi kills. Considering that this film’s director also has a penchant for ultraviolence, though, the scalp line may have been a mantra close to his heart.

The efficiently titled supercut Quentin Tarantino // Every Death compiles the horrible fates that befall literally hundreds of characters who have appeared in the director’s films. Created by Barcelona-based videographer Jaume R. Lloret, the 4:20 short cuts to the chase of the 7.5 existent Tarantino movies, by showing his characters do just that. (The .5 is Death Proof, from the “double feature” with Robert Rodriguez, Grindhouse.)

In terms of sheer numbers, the most seem to come from the Kill Bill movies, which came out about a decade ago. Set to the Tarantino-approved Motown strains of “Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time)” by The Delfonics, the video loiters for a while in that film’s many decapitations, impalings, and even one dude who gets cut in half (lengthwise!) Although the director’s early work certainly had a scalp count, Kill Bill marks something of a turning point–both of his major films to come afterward are revenge plots absolutely soaked in the blood of its hero’s enemies–and allies as well.

Considering that The Hateful Eight is apparently coming soon, and seems to uphold tradition, this video will one day prove woefully inadequate.