Infographic: See Which States Torrent Your Favorite Shows, Games, and Movies The Most

Back in June, the fourth season finale of Game of Thrones won the dubious honor of Most Pirated TV Show Ever. While it certainly must be flattering to be so demonstrably in demand, the producers of the show might also wonder what it says about their show that it’s so attractive to TV pirates. The same could be asked of all the residents in a new series of infographics that detail torrenting preferences state by state.

The Most Popular Torrented TV Show By State Relative To National Averages

The team at real estate site Movoto, who last gave us a look at which sitcom characters would be able to afford their apartments, created the series. Each U.S. map reveals the most torrented television shows, games and movies[/url] per capita in each state over the last 40 days. (The kind of data usually scoured through in Pornhub’s surprisingly entertaining infographics is omitted here.) Game of Thrones is still riding high well after its season finale, but there is much more revealing data available as well.

For instance, did you even know there was a movie called Son of Batman, and that Idahoans love it to the exclusion of all others? Watch Dogs is by far the most popular game to steal right in America right now, which is ironic seeing how its name sounds like an organization formed to stop people from stealing video games. Unexpectedly, even in its seventh season, the sexaholic writer show Californication is still popular in at least three states. Also, it’s weird that Maine is bonkers about the movie Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist since the state itself actually kinda looks like an assassin’s fist.

Have a look at all three maps in the slides above.

h/t to GeekologieJB