A Smart Motorcycle Helmet Smashes Through Its Indiegogo Goal

Why should cars have all the fun? Motorcycles don’t have the real estate for infotainment systems, GPS navigation, or cameras, but a new helmet promises to give bikers these high-tech features.

Skully AR-1 incorporates a heads-up display, high-speed microprocessor, wide-angle rear-view camera, Bluetooth connectivity, and GPS into a motorcycle helmet. The product garnered such enthusiasm that it blew past its $250,000 fundraising goal on Indiegogo, racking up more than 800 backers and $1.1 million five days into its campaign–with 26 days remaining. According to TechCrunch, Skully is the fastest-funded campaign on the crowdfunding platform.

“Our technology fundamentally enhances human capability,” said Marcus Weller, founder and CEO, in the video above. “With its high-speed microprocessor and operating system, it’s the smartest motorcycle helmet ever imagined.”

With the weather-resistant helmet, riders can see what’s behind them and in their blind spots, take calls, and be guided with turn-by-turn directions (even without cellular service). Because the display has infinite focus, wearers don’t have to adjust the focus of their eyes to see the video feed or prompts on the screen. Contributions starting at $1,399 will snag backers a helmet, which is estimated to ship May of next year.AT