Reggie Watts And Greenpeace Want You, And Twitter, And Pinterest, To Create A Cleaner Internet

The Internet, the cloud, Wi-Fi, it’s all just magic in the air, right? Well, of course not, but according to Greenpeace the way we actually power our digital way of life is damaging our physical environment.

The group is launching a new campaign call #ClickClean to encourage web giants like Amazon and Twitter to use cleaner, renewable energy to power their businesses. Along with The VIA Agency, Greenpeace has recruited comedian Reggie Watts to warn against the dangers of dirty clicking. The four spots featuring nature’s elements–animals, sun, water, and wind–along with Watts’s comic sensibility. Agency creatives wrote the scripts in Watts’s voice with enough room for him to improvise on set. “We wanted to give him a framework but then let him do his thing without holding him back,” Mary Hanifin, executive producer from The VIA Agency.

Greenpeace began campaigning on the clean cloud issue two years ago to encourage web giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon to power their data centers with renewable energy. Since the, Apple has made a commitment to renewable energy and is held up on the Greenpeace site as an example, along with Facebook and Google, of companies doing it right.

Hanifin says this time the goal is to encourage companies like Twitter, Amazon Web Services, Pinterest, and Airbnb to make the switch to renewable energy, without appearing overtly negative or preachy. “We set out to develop a campaign that had humor at its core and that people would rally behind and share,” she says. “Positive persuasion by numbers, you could say. Reggie’s unique brand of comedy, devoted following, and ability to convey complex themes through humor made him a perfect fit.”