Quote Of The Week: Coffee Solves Everything

Is coffee the great equalizer? Jerry Seinfeld seems to think so.

Quote Of The Week: Coffee Solves Everything
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You may take yours French pressed and black on the front porch at 10 a.m., or in the form of a extra large cream-and-sugar creation consumed in rush hour traffic, but the morning cup of coffee is almost always a solitary experience.

Whether it’s rushed out the door or sipped in leisure says a lot about your lifestyle.

But coffee outside of the routine is more than a mental and physical stimulant, or a habit-trigger that sets the tone for the day. It’s a social experience: The hub for coworking spaces and business meetings. Its absence at an 8 a.m. meeting is less forgivable oversight, more cultural gaucherie.

Meeting for coffee, as Jerry Seinfeld aptly put it to NPR, is “a wonderful, compact, accessible, and portable social interaction.” Holding a mug is a conversational lubricant akin to talking while staring together out a windshield or at a movie screen. Anxious, shy, or just sleep-deprived, the answer’s found in the brew, Seinfeld says:

“Coffee solves all these problems in one delightful little cup.”

He loves the casual sociability of coffee so much, he launched “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” and sets his conversations around the caffeination rituals of fellow TV and movie stars.

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