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The Best "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Trailer Mashups

Get ready to feel even dirtier than before.

  • 01 /06

    First, the original.

  • 02 /06

    Fifty Shades of Parker: I wonder if Spidey uses his web as rope?

  • 03 /06

    Fifty Shades Of Frozen: Prince Hans isn’t going to “let it go” until he’s damn well ready to.

  • 04 /06

    Fifty Shades Of Scooby: Obviously, Daphne and Fred were hooking up, but this is just…oh, man.

  • 05 /06

    Fifty Shades of Grey Cat: “Mr. Grey will see you meow…”

  • 06 /06

    Fifty Shades Of Gray: Only marginally less exciting than the original.

Here we have the Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer—2:33 minutes of unadulterated titillation that has set hearts (and other things) all aflutter thanks in no small part to Beyoncé's borderline-NSFW remix of "Crazy In Love"):

And in the slideshow above we have what the Internet has done with said Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer. Prepare to have your innocence destroyed.