Paintboxing Is Exactly What It Sounds Like And It’s Awesome

Watch artist/boxer Bart van Polanen Petel pound his canvas to life.

Paintboxing Is Exactly What It Sounds Like And It’s Awesome

Bart van Polanen Petel describes himself as a Dutch boxer/painter. To be clear, Petel doesn’t box by day and paint by night: His boxing gloves are the tools he uses to pound out his masterpieces on canvas-wrapped punching bags.

“As a boxer, I am inspired by this primal nature of pugilism. As an artist, I pay tribute,” Petel says in his artist’s statement. “Instead of crushing bones and shattering teeth, I use my fists to create. I use exclusively boxing techniques, with real boxing gloves. No brush allowed.”

Each painting can take up to three hours and cost as much as £1000 (about $1,680) a pop.

But Petel isn’t the only painting pugilist: Ukranian heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko made headlines recently for his collaboration with Monotype to paint, i.e., punch, 26 letters to create a new typeface for charity.

May we please imagine what a painting bout between Petel and Klitschko would be like? Better yet, may we please imagine painting working its way into other brutal sports: Paintwrestling…Paintrugby…PaintMMA?

Go forth and (aggressively) create, Internet.

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