The Recommender: Reyhan Harmanci, Who Hallucinated At Dollywood

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The Recommender: Reyhan Harmanci, Who Hallucinated At Dollywood
[Image: Flickr user Matthew Macpherson]
Reyhan HarmanciPhoto by Celine Grouard for Fast Company

Name: Reyhan Harmanci
Role at Fast Company: Senior Editor at
Twitter: @harmancipants
Titillating fact: My brother and I were born on the same day, a year apart. Growing up, this was a huge problem (who got to have their slumber party first, i.e., who do our parents love more?) but now I luxuriate in the knowledge that I will never forget my sibling’s birthday.


If that isn’t properly titillating, I once went to Dollywood on hallucinogens. Honestly, it was overkill. The place is trippy (and amazing) enough on its own–imagine my surprise, for instance, when I learned the rocks singing Dolly songs were part of the park, something everyone could hear, not just a cool side effect of the drugs.

Things she’s loving:
1. Shrub. I just learned about this magical beverage last fall and I’ve been obsessed. It’s this vinegar-y plant-based drink that mixes very well with many alcohols–tequila, for instance. May I recommend Hudson Standard‘s strawberry rhubarb? Game-changer.

2. The Cool Freaks’ Wikipedia Club. This is a lightly moderated Facebook group where people post links to weird Wikipedia articles. It is fantastic dinner party material. For instance, have you heard of the beautiful but deadly Manchineel tree? It’s found in Florida and the Caribbean and if you stand under it during a rain storm, your skin will break out in horrid blisters. And the delicious little apples? Read the entry to find out what they do to your stomach.

3. The Americans. My affection for The Americans is at least 50% a spillover of my deep and abiding love for Felicity (both starring actress Keri Russell who, as the Fug Girls have pointed out, is looking great) but I got into the show this summer and feel very hooked. It’s not perfect (the final episode of season two made no sense, for instance) but it’s totally absorbing and exciting and has a great ’80s soundtrack and outfits. There are a few weeks left before the summer is over: Binge watch now and you’ll feel refreshed for next season.