This Website Snitches On Renters Who List Their Apartments On Airbnb

Meet Huntbnb, a tool that makes it easy to find Airbnb units by typing in a specific address.

This Website Snitches On Renters Who List Their Apartments On Airbnb
[Image: Flickr user Nikolaevna Romanov]

There’s a new tool out that makes it easy for landlords to find out if one of their renters is listing an apartment on Airbnb, the room-renting company that recently overhauled its logo and transformed the Internet into giggling 10-year-olds.


It’s called Huntbnb, and using it merely requires you type in the address of one of your properties. Here, for example, is what showed up when I typed in the address of my building:

Airbnb doesn’t provide the exact address of a potential place to stay until you book it. Huntbnb, on the other hand, works by taking the location property owners type in. Its algorithm creates a geofence that encircles the pinned location, which unearths all the Airbnb properties listed within that radius. Afterward, those listings are further filtered out using the street name provided by the Airbnb lister.

The company has had its share of hurdles. In New York, for example, a third of New York City’s 19,522 Airbnb units are being rented out in an illegal manner. They’re effectively being listed as hotel rooms while the owners earn a handsome profit, without being present on the property.

Other times, though, landlords are just unhappy that their tenants are making a profit and allowing in a revolving door of visitors–such as when one of our editors got slapped with a restraining order for renting out his extra rooms.

In any case you can try Huntbnb out here.

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