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OpenTable Rolls Out Mobile Payments In New York City

OpenTable's next frontier: paying for meals without the wallet.

OpenTable Rolls Out Mobile Payments In New York City

[Image: Flickr user Garrison Gunter]

OpenTable diners in New York City can put away their wallets. The restaurant reservation company on Monday rolled out its mobile payments feature to New York City, letting diners pay for their meals at partaking restaurants using the OpenTable mobile app.

The company plans to introduce the feature to 20 other cities by the end of the year. The mobile payments functionality has been live in San Francisco since March.

"In a few years' time, we hope we'll be as known for [phone payments] as reservations," CEO Matthew Roberts told Fast Company when the feature launched in San Francisco. OpenTable built its payments infrastructure on top of Chalo, which it acquired for $11 million in stock last year. The reservation site is hoping the capability could result in larger checks and tips, as well as more returning patrons, for restaurants.

However, installation remains a challenge given the fragmented point-of-sale systems adopted by restaurants. In San Francisco and New York so far, more than 60 restaurants are enabled to accept mobile payments with OpenTable's app.