Need To Book A Haircut? Square Gets Into The Reservations Business

Booking a haircut or a pedicure still requires you to call ahead most of the time.

It’s weird. You can make restaurant reservations on OpenTable, and you can order a pizza without having to talk to a bored employee using Seamless/GrubHub. But, in 2014, there still isn’t a standard go-to for making appointments.

Square would like to change that. Today, the mobile payment company announced that it was officially launching one of the many new products hinted at in our Fast Company feature: “Square Appointments.

The company describes the e-booking system as a “built-in receptionist,” and has been beta testing it with a few shop owners. Basically, the calendar system allows customers to book their own appointments online, even if your business doesn’t have a website, and it can send out text reminders to customers so that they don’t forget their 4 p.m.

It’s slick-looking, with the kind of pretty UI design that Jack Dorsey has shown he is committed to. Small businesses can try it for free for 30 days.

Last week, Square acquired Caviar, a food-delivery startup that should help Square build out the infrastructure it needs to make food orders a real possibility. Although Square has seen a recent string of bad press after a potential IPO unraveled, it has reportedly grown more than 350% in the past two years.

Learn more about Square Appointments here.CG