• 08.11.14

America’s 50 Smallest Towns Get A Special Oreo Delivery

The brand also launches a free cookie delivery service for everyone else. Yep, free cookies.

According to the most recent census data, Greigsville, New York, is home to 209 people. It’s also rumored to be home to a group of migratory Sasquatch, UFO sightings, and some run-of-the-mill cemetery ghosts. It’s also one of 50 of America’s smallest towns–one in each state–that Oreo and agency 360i will be delivering Mini Oreos to every household.


The cookies come in wee little two inch by two inch boxes, tied with string, and are an extension of the Wes Andersonian “Mel’s Mini Mini Mart,” a spot about the world’s littlest shop.

Every small town has its particular charms, just ask John Cougar. But to get on Oreo’s delivery list, these towns–like Greigsville–also boast some unique characteristics. Weeki Wachee, Florida, sits on top of a natural-forming spring. Balltown, Iowa, has the state’s oldest restaurant and bar. Monowi, Nebraska, has a population of one.

The mini delivery fun doesn’t end there. Starting on August 11, Oreo fans from towns and cities of all sizes can send their own personalized mini deliveries for free at Yep, sometimes marketing can be as simple as handing out free cookies.

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