This Portable, Floating House Is Light Enough To Tow By Bicycle

Made from two huge recycled water tanks and a few off-the shelf materials, a new tiny house design is intended to be simple and fast to build.

The “Taku-Tanku,” which has sleeping space for two or three people, could potentially be used as a disaster shelter, say its creators, the architecture firm Stereotank and Japanese designer Takahiro Fukuda.

Because the tanks are made mostly from plastic, the home is also simple to move from place to place and can even be carried by hand. “The materials used are relatively light, making Taku-Tanku easy to be carried by a person, by a bicycle, or by a car,” say Ertorteguy and Valente. “Also, given the nature of the water tanks, the structure could float and be carried by a boat.”

“The fact that the tanks are pre-fabricated makes it easier to build a shelter, not only in the configuration used on Taku-Tanku but in many other ways as well, from single units to multiple layouts as a modular complex,” say Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente, the founders of Stereotank.

The simple shelter doesn’t have a kitchen or bathroom–it’s basically just a comfortable place to sleep, with windows, a skylight, and solar-powered lights and fans. Underneath the main compartment, there’s room for a little luggage, so it could be used for travel.

With the right funding, the designers would like to turn the design into a simple DIY kit that others could easily build themselves.AP