Diversity, Annoying Email, And Information Overload: The Most Popular Leadership Stories This Week

Diversity and diversely irritating emails topped out our stories this week.


They say it takes all kinds, and this week we have the data to prove it: New numbers on women and young leaders, experimenting with outside-the-box email strategies, and dealing with way too much information.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of August 4.

Why The Most Successful Organizations Have Women And Millennials In Charge

New research brings forward interesting trends on gender and age diversity in the workplace. Women and young people are making moves, and the companies they lead are reaping the rewards.

The 5 Annoying Emails Everyone Gets And How To Avoid Them

If you’re sending any of these, stop it. For the rest of us, here’s how to deal with getting caught in an endless reply-all list, a passive-aggressive message, or that awkward moment when you’re copied on something you’d rather un-see.

4 Ways To Retrain Your Brain To Handle Information Overload

Sometimes you can’t avoid being overwhelmed. When you’re suffering from some serious TMI, take these tips, from writing it all out to organizing your life for smart, fast decisions.

10 Ways To Sit Less At Work

Not every office has the space, budget, or saint-like patience for watching you install and walk on a treadmill desk every day. But sitting all day is still terrible for your health. Here’s how to get moving, without the fancy gadgets.


My Week Using An Email Auto-Responder And Whether I’d Keep Up The Habit

Setting a “do not disturb” message for your Inbox seemed like a great idea at the time–but did it work as expected? Not quite. Read on to see how last week’s Habit Challenge went, including some of your thoughts on the experiment.

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