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Flatiron School Opens Coding Curriculum For High School Students

The 12-week program will cost $2,500 in tuition.

[Image: Flickr user Lea Latumahina]

A player in the booming coding bootcamp market, Flatiron School in New York City announced Thursday it is opening up a program to teach high school students coding skills over 12 weeks.

Taught at Flatiron's downtown campus, the curriculum includes 48 hours of instruction on JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby, and other web technologies. Students can choose between two courses to fit their schedules: classes that meet for four hours once a week, or classes that meet for two hours twice a week. Enrollment opens Thursday, and tuition for both options costs $2,500.

Flatiron says 98% of its graduates are employed as software engineers at such companies as The New York Times, Etsy, and Boeing. According to a recent study from Course Report, graduates of these coding schools on average increased their salaries by 44% to $76,965 annually. Such schools are expected to bring in $59 million in tuition this year.

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