Artists Take On The Bee In Summer’s Most Buzzworthy Exhibit, “Beetopia”

Bees are vital to human well-being. Honeybees, for example, pollinate a third of the produce consumed in Europe. But at a time when the world’s bee population is declining, it’s more important than ever to support beekeeping communities.

London-based organization The Honey Club— a partnership between the Global Generation youth charity, Wolff Olins brand consultancy, and the social enterprise Urban Bees–is aiming to “build the largest bee-friendly network in the world.” The group trains beekeepers, runs urban gardening programs, and hosts educational events for local businesses and schools. Their most recent project is Beetopia, an exhibition at London’s Guardian Gallery, featuring bee-themed art from 25 European illustrators. The artists were asked to create pieces that demonstrate optimal or harmonious relationships between bees and people. The pieces, which are currently being auctioned online, range from whimsical to modernist to abstract, but they all feature bees as friendly and non-threatening. The message here is clear: Bees and humans should–in fact, they must–live symbiotically. The auction will run through August 18, so why not bring “A Bee’s Eye View” or “The 10 Commandments of Beetopia” into your home?

Alec Doherty – Untitled