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Patent Application Reveals Apple Is Working To Bring Siri To Macs

But it seems unlikely Siri will make its way to the OS X Yosemite release.

Patent Application Reveals Apple Is Working To Bring Siri To Macs

[Image: Flickr user Sean MacEntee]

From the looks of an Apple patent application, the Cupertino, California company wants to bring Siri to Macs.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday published a 92-page patent application for an "intelligent digital assistant in a desktop environment." In it, Apple details how this assistant will use speech recognition and natural-language processing to understand commands.

On Macs, Siri could take the form of an icon on the application dock, on the menu bar, or as a widget. Or it could listen in the background. AppleInsider's Mikey Campbell spotted the patent and said the backend for such a desktop assistant is identical to Siri on iOS. "The user-facing Siri asset can be integrated into a standalone app invoked by a special mouse or keyboard gesture, or may be tasked to run in the background, listening for a special activation phrase like the 'Hey, Siri' implementation in Apple's forthcoming iOS 8," he said.

On a desktop, Siri might be employed for different types of computing tasks. Whereas on mobile, it makes sense to focus on directions and reviews of local establishments, Siri on Mac could have capabilities to sort files by date, merge documents together, or resize photos.

It's unclear when—or if—Siri will make its way to Macs, but Campbell notes it hasn't been part of the OS X Yosemite betas.