Craig Robinson Does Not Want Jake Johnson To Touch His Dodge Dart

So far the 21st century is better known for an obsession with fuel prices and efficiency, public transit and bike lanes than for any distinct car culture. But that doesn’t mean people still don’t form very, very personal bonds with their automobiles.

In this new campaign for the Dodge Dart by agency Wieden + Kennedy Portland and director Jody Hill, Craig Robinson (The Office, Hot Tub Time Machine) and New Girl’s Jake Johnson are best friends-slash-neighbors that have let a car come between them. Namely, Robinson’s obsession with not letting anyone touch his new ride.

If you remember his work for Supercell and New Era, you know Robinson should always be a welcome presence in ads and Johnson’s a chuckle-worthy foil. Combining these two with Eastbound & Down director is a recipe for just the right amount of weird. Everyone’s tapped their inner Indiana Jones with a garage door, right?

It’s a fun and somewhat bold move for Dodge, but after its much-heralded partnership with Ron Burgundy helped boost Dodge Durango sales by 59%, it would almost be silly not to see if funny fits the Dart, too.JB