McCreativity: Bored Friends Transform Big Macs Into Haute Cuisine

Meet a pair of friends whose quest for the perfect fast food meal seems nearly as exciting as that of Harold and Kumar.

Redditor MarkHayes and his unnamed sidekick set a difficult challenge for each other: coming up with the fanciest possible meal using only ingredients from a McDonald’s Big Mac Combo. The results, which were posted on Reddit actually look rather tantalizing.

The only ingredients the pair had to use were sesame seed buns, cheese-topped burger patties, shredded lettuce, a pickle, fries, salt and pepper, and special sauce on the side. Working with these limitations, Hayes was able to build a five-high stack of mini burgers, a pyramid of fries, a tiny salad with bun-croutons, and a comet of sauce-garnish. Haynes’s friend dug deep, though, to produce two shepherd’s pies with his burgers and fries, cutting the bun into crisps. He may have won the challenge based on pure originality, but clearly both of these bros are winners because they get to eat their delicious-looking concoctions now.

Have a better look at what they came up with in the slides above, and let us know who won in the comments below.JB