• 08.06.14

This Affordable Standing Desk Fits Together Like A Jigsaw, No Screws Required

The $149 maple plywood furniture can be assembled in seconds.

This Affordable Standing Desk Fits Together Like A Jigsaw, No Screws Required

With all the talk about the dangers of sitting all day, we’ve seen designers come up with several new takes on the standing desk. Recently there was the StorkStand, a little tabletop you strap to the back of a chair. Before that, we’ve seen DIY desks and motorized desks, and even cardboard desks.


The Press Fit, a new idea from two MIT graduate students, ticks one box nicely: price. At $149 in its Kickstarter incarnation, it’s cheaper than most of its competitors including the StorkStand, which is smaller. It’s also portable. The jigsaw-like design assembles in seconds, no Ikea wrenches required. It’s also made in America: The Press Fit’s maple plywood is processed in the northeast and machined at a digital manufacturing facility in Massachusetts.

Isabella Tromba, who’s marketing the desk with her boyfriend, David Yamnitsky, notes that buying local reduces the product’s carbon footprint and supports the economy. “Usually, you have to pay a premium to buy American products, but our completely digital manufacturing process makes it cheaper to make locally than abroad,” she says.

See the couple’s Kickstarter video here:

Each piece is cut with a CNC router, a computer-directed cutting machine. And all the desks are made to order. The sizes range from 36- to 42-inches, which covers most people’s height requirements.

“I had used a standing desk as a software engineer and wanted one for home but couldn’t afford to pay $1,000,” adds Tromba. The Kickstarter campaign has already more than doubled its $10,000 fundraising goal.

Aside from being a palliate to the sitting crisis, Press Fit may show how American manufacturing can compete with lower-cost countries like China. With a crowdfunding campaign, an attractive design, and a simple cutting machine, there’s no need to send the order to Guangzhou.

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