This Driveable Deck Chair Has A Stereo And A Sandpit

On a sunny day at the beach (or on the patio), there are few things nicer than a comfortable deck chair. But a driveable deck chair? That’s taking it to another level.

As part of a promotional stunt for Holiday Autos, a car rental search website in the U.K., designer Solomon Rogers created a deck chair that belongs at Burning Man more than the average beach.

The two-seater is rigged up with an umbrella, a GPS tracker that follows the sun’s movements to ensure maximum shade levels, wind breaks for privacy and to keep down the wind, retractable towels, sunscreen holders, books and drinks, a stereo system, a sandpit–and just to take it completely over the top, a refrigerated slushy machine.

Sadly, the deck chair is not available for purchase–yet.AS