Marijuana Startup Leafly Takes Out Full-Page Ad In The New York Times

The pot startup is making a mainstream play.

Marijuana Startup Leafly Takes Out Full-Page Ad In The New York Times
[Image: Flickr user Wiros]

Hailed as the Yelp of weed, marijuana startup Leafly is running a full-age ad in the Sunday edition of The New York Times.

“Our advertisement in The New York Times is a responsible, mainstream message that elevates the conversation about cannabis in the U.S.,” Leafly CEO Brendan Kennedy said in a statement. “With cannabis now legal for patients in 23 states, Americans need professional, educational resources to help them navigate the changing legal, medical and social landscape.”

The Seattle-based startup’s Just Say Know campaign congratulates New York state for legalizing the Compassionate Care Act, which gives patients access to medical marijuana.

For its part, over the years, the Gray Lady has evolved on its opinion of marijuana. Last week, its editorial board wrote against federal prohibition–its strongest stance yet–but that came after decades of ambivalence: In 1966, the paper said pot was “not harmless,” and in 1971 classified it as a “dangerous drug.”

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