Toyota Turns Prague Into A Drivable Playlist For A Yaris Hybrid Stunt

A good playlist is an essential item for the regular driver. Why be at the mercy of a radio station’s musical whims when you can have all your favorite sing-a-long jams at the ready? After all, singing like no one’s listening is one of the universal pleasures of driving a car.

Toyota has tapped into this simple joy and amplified it with a Pan-European campaign for the Yaris Hybrid. With “The Musical City,” the carmaker transformed the center of Prague into one giant, drivable playlist.

The first step in the stunt was to change street signs to reflect the musical selections rather than their given names. So instead of hanging a left at Kanovnicka, drivers would cruise down “I Will Survive”–a move that confused at least one cab driver. Then, after holding public singing auditions, select vocally competent passersby were given the chance to take a ride in a Yaris Hybrid that was kitted out with a GPS-connected stereo. As they traveled through the city, the music would change based on the street they were on and they were encouraged to sing their little hearts out.

The idea, according to agency Saatchi & Saatchi Europe was to communicate that notion that the driving the Yaris Hybrid makes people happy enough they break into song. While we’d argue that any car would be an excellent sound booth given the right song, this campaign does bring that feeling to life in a unique way. When else would one have to contemplate which direction to drive while sitting at the intersection of “Good Vibrations” and “Disco Inferno?”RAF