Punk Rock Meets Social Entrepreneurship In This Comic

Ned Breslin, the CEO of the nonprofit Water for People, has a monthly podcast called The Social Disruptors. In it, he discusses themes in the social innovation space with the people who exemplify them.

One episode on creativity features legendary skateboarder Rodney Mullen. Another, on failure, features lessons from former Mixed Martial Arts fighter Cameron Conaway.

You could listen to the podcasts–or you could check out the accompanying illustrations. Working with illustrator Peter Durand, Breslin recently turned his very first podcast, which compares punk rock to social entrepreneurship, into a comic.

Breslin met Durand at the PopTech conference, where he works as an illustrator. “He did a crazy illustration for my talk, and I said, ‘Wow, we should be doing that,'” says Breslin. “I don’t want to stick with just comics. I think there are different ways to illustrate things. I want this podcast to unleash Peter’s creativity without saying everything has to be the same.”

The podcast, produced in partnership with Stanford University’s Center for Social Innovation, appeals mainly to students (“It seems the professors don’t quite get it,” says Breslin). The CEO thinks that his comics will similarly appeal to younger people who identify with its visual nature.

“Illustrating brings an extra power to it. My comfort zone is talking,” says Breslin.

As for the future of his podcast illustrations? “I would love to see a graffiti artist take a podcast and do it on a building in New York,” he says.AS