• 08.04.14

Quote Of The Week: Realize The Limits Of Your Willpower

If you’re always pushing through tough projects or resisting taking a rest, it might be time to give your willpower a break.

Quote Of The Week: Realize The Limits Of Your Willpower
[Illustration by Robbie Jones for Fast Company]

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This week’s quote is from Columbia psychologist Heidi Grant Halvorson:

“Do yourself a favor and embrace the fact that your willpower is limited.”

Illustration by Robbie Jones for Fast Company

In Drake Baer’s March article, “Why Your Willpower Can’t Stop You From Putting Things Off,” Holvorson told HBR that your own willpower “may not always be up to the challenge of getting you to do things you find difficult, tedious, or otherwise awful.”

Your willpower is like a muscle: Over-work it, and you can wear it out.

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