If You Are Ready To Chill The Hell Out, Follow @ChillSitch On Twitter Now ;)

“mom look these drums are on sale”

If You Are Ready To Chill The Hell Out, Follow @ChillSitch On Twitter Now ;)
[Image: Flickr user Krabiman]

Twitter might not be dead, but it sure can be loud and obnoxious sometimes, often brimming with snark, faux-outrage, and boneheaded brand tweets. Small wonder that not long ago it was believed the median Twitter user possessed only one follower.

But then, like a pegasus cruising out of the heavens riding a sunbeam, this: A necessary, welcome respite from the noise, @ChillSitch (“Chill Situations”), a pseudonymous Twitter account that is, perhaps quite literally, the best thing on the Internet. I won’t bore you with an explanation about why @ChillSitch is hilarious and maybe even important. (That wouldn’t be very chill of me.) It just is.

@ChillSitch’s creator, Taylor Moore, spoke with the Daily Dot earlier about how the idea came to him. (Hint: It involves jazz and good times with pals, though hard to tell what is real and what is invented.) But that doesn’t matter. Its mere presence is a present.

So here’s our recommendation: Slow down. Take it easy. Give @ChillSitch a follow, and let the laid-back vibes wash over you like a warm bath. You won’t regret it. B)

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