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Portland Will Issue Permits For Airbnb Hosts (After Notifying The Neighbors)

The startup says it helped Portland generate $61 million in economic activity last year.

[Image: Flickr user Pawel Loj]

In a win for Airbnb, the city of Portland on Wednesday legalized short-term rental, allowing residents to rent out one or two bedrooms from private homes, and will begin issuing permits in September.

The Oregonian reports the city's Bureau of Development Services will oversee the permitting process, which includes inspecting the home and notifying neighbors. The first permits, which will cost $180 each, are expected to be issued Sept. 2.

"Portland was home to some of the very first Airbnb hosts and staff, and it is only fitting that the city would serve as a leader in the sharing economy," David Owen, regional head of public policy at Airbnb, wrote in a blog post. The company said Airbnb helped Portland generate $61 million in economic activity, including a boost to local businesses, last year.