Go Ahead, Make Your Day, With This Movie-Quote Database

Everybody knows what the first and second rules of Fight Club are. Ditto the identity of Luke’s father. Sometimes, however, a bit of dialogue drops from someone’s lips and just hangs there in your ear canal, undiagnosed. Neither the title of the film nor the context in which this line was uttered break through the clatter of your overwhelmed modern-day brain. Googling might’ve helped, but it also might not have. Instead, this is a job for the movie quote search engine–a thing that now exists.

Quotacle is a new go-to resource for getting to the bottom of that thing your friend just said while smiling expectantly. It lets users search through over 250,000 lines of dialogue from 143 movies to find the quote at hand. Typing in “It’s not a tumor,” for instance, turns up the famous quote from Kindergarten Cop wherein Arnold Schwarzenegger debates medical science with children, as well as quotes from two other movies that also contain these words.

Of course, glaring, unacceptable omissions also abound. Considering that stoner fans’ incessant quoting of The Big Lebowski has precluded certain Co.Create staff writers’ enjoyment of that particular film, one might assume the programmers at Quotacle would surely add those lines into the mix. But one would be wrong on that score. Oh, well. Que sera, sera–a quote that itself is also not listed here.

Let us know what omissions confounded you in the comments below.

H/t to the AwesomerJB