In Stunning Turn Of Events, A Bank Was Nice And Turned Its ATMs Into Automated Thanking Machines

When it comes to people’s favorite institutions banks generally rank down somewhere around the IRS and the crooked old folks home they saw on 60 Minutes. Which is to say, not great.

But recently, TD Canada Trust in Canada, with Diamond Integrated Marketing and Leo Burnett Toronto, decided to buy some goodwill the same way desperate parents have been for centuries–random gifts.

More than 30,000 TD customers in more than 1,100 bank branches across Canada were given tokens of appreciation, such as a $20 bill. But the giving got way more personal than that. A talking ATM, or Automated Thanking Machine, in select locations gave out personalized gifts to a lucky few, including introducing huge Toronto Blue Jays fan Mike Jobin to Jays star Jose Bautista and giving him the chance to throw the first pitch at a Jays game. Or flying a mom and her kids to Disneyland. Or sending a nice old lady to Trinidad to see her dying daughter.

While a bank is still a bank, with the stunt getting more than 2.7 million views in less than a week, it’s safe to say TD made a lot of people smile.JB