5 Free Apps For Keeping Up With The Headlines

If you’re overwhelmed by options for finding your news–or just want to be a better informed person–this edition of Free App Friday is for you.


As always, while they’re free now, we can’t guarantee how long they’ll last–so don’t wait too long.

WatchUp (Android and iOS)

Tell the app when you want your video feed to start–at 7 a.m. for your wakeup routine or 11 p.m. to catch up before you head to bed–and it delivers a continuous stream of videos plucked from your followed topics and outlets. If you’re looking for more context, pull up articles in-app alongside videos to read more.

Inside (Android and iOS)

When you download this app, imagine a tiny team of curators moving into your phone and getting to work reading those annoyingly long news reports (who has time?) and summarizing them for your consumption.

News360 (Android and iOS)

News360 also lets you customize your content to see only what interests you. But with a “save for later” feature, you can take the news with you–underground, on a flight, or into that corner of the office that never gets any signal.

Circa (Android and iOS)

Similar to Inside, an editorial staff boils down top stories to snack-news. The “follow” features let you track stories as they break, and share what moves you.

Zite (Android and iOS)

Zite approaches the zeitgeist of the day in a Pinterest-y way: Big, colorful photos alongside headlines, and news categorization into personal interests–like craft brewing or urban planning. Hopefully the app’s acquisition by Flipboard doesn’t mean an untimely, Summly-like end.