See “T.G.I. Fart,” “Jamba Jews”, And Other Corporate Parody Art From Nathan Fielder’s “Dumb Starbucks” Show

The second season of Nathan Fielder’s brilliant satire of expert culture, Nathan For You, began in earnest several weeks ago. For the casual fan, however, the main event began on Tuesday the 29th, when the long-promised Dumb Starbucks episode finally aired. It seemed like we all knew the story already–Fielder opens a copycat coffee shop that serves every Starbucks menu item with the word “dumb” in front of it, chaos ensues–but it turns out there was a huge piece missing. In order to justify this stunt within the boundaries of copyright law, Fielder had to demonstrate his history with corporate parody. If you’re wondering whether he actually followed through or not, you have obviously never seen the show before.

In order to legally avail himself of any charges of infringement, Fielder pursued a career in the parody art world. Believe it or not, it takes hard work to come up with ideas as dumb as T.G.I. Fart and 7-Sixtynine. Fielder also announced after the show that he’s auctioning off the entire collection on eBay for charity, including a baby on horseback from 1806 Flags.

If you’ve ever considered having a “Tank of America” sign in your home, it is time to seize the day. As of this writing, however, it’ll cost you a cool $750.

H/t to SplitsiderJB