Uber Partners With Concur To Streamline Business Expenses

Expense management platform Concur is embracing the sharing economy.

Uber Partners With Concur To Streamline Business Expenses
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Put it on the company card. Reflecting a shift in business travel, Concur’s expense management platform is now integrated with Uber’s car service and Airbnb’s hotel alternatives.


On Tuesday, Uber and Concur announced they were teaming up to streamline reporting expenses–a day after Airbnb introduced a business travel program through a partnership with Concur. Separately, Uber is also establishing its own business travel portal that companies not on Concur’s platform can sign up for.

“Business travel is an industry that’s going through a lot of transformation,” Mike Hilton, Concur’s executive vice president and general manager, tells Fast Company. “It’s one that really hasn’t been fully brought into the modern economy.”

Concur, a platform used by 25,000 companies and 25 million travelers, came to embrace these peer-to-peer services after analyzing employee expenses. The company noticed business spending on Airbnb–the fastest growing segment of lodging expenses–quadrupling every year since 2010, and a fivefold growth year over year in Uber ridership.

In the fall, American Express corporate cardholders will be enrolled in a program that automatically sends Uber receipts to Concur’s platform. In addition, cardholders will have the option to pay their Uber fares with points or to earn double points on rides.

“There’s a big trend where travelers are making their own plans,” says Hilton. In response, the company is actively pursuing “a lot of similar relationships” with other companies, he adds.

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