From Scented Wallpaper To A Musical Mouthpiece: See 14 Handmade Creations From The Makers NYC Show

Chocolate whiskey, jawbone-wired MP3 players, flavored wallpaper and exploding skulls share equal billing in a current exhibition showcasing objects by New York City makers. NYC Makers: The MAD Biennial running through October 12 at the Museum of Arts and Design, aims the spotlight at an eye-popping range of hand-made works. “At its core,” says museum director Glenn Adamson, ‘The ‘maker movement’ expands on a tradition rooted in skilled craftsmanship, a phenomenon often overlooked in an era dominated by digital technology.”

Curator Jake Yuzna deliberately cast a wide net in selecting roughly 100 contributors for the show. “Glenn and I believe in representing all disciplines on a level playing field. Fabrication and craftsmanship and design and culinary works and toys and fashion and new disciplines we don’t even have names for–they’re all part of culture. We want to showcase highly skilled people from the five boroughs who make things.”

“More than anything (the show) is like a toolbox, a giant survey of what’s possible. a source of inspiration,” Yuzna adds. “Just look at all this stuff that’s being produced right now: you can make toys out of wood and string or you can create technology that changes the way you perceive the world.”

In the gallery above, Yuzna offers his curatorial take on the crafty techniques fueling some of NYC Makers‘s most ingenious pieces.HH