12 Ways To Eat Your Weed

Get your THC fix from your olive oil, ice cream, topical creams, pills, and more.

12 Ways To Eat Your Weed

Giving the green light to recreational marijuana use in Colorado and Washington has made those states a retail marijuana testing ground for the rest of the U.S. That includes a burgeoning market in weed-infused edible goodies that goes way beyond your average pot brownie. Now you can choose between pot-laced suckers, ice cream, and olive oil.


The folks over at Adweek recently took stock of the edibles scene in Seattle, where legal pot sales began earlier this month.

Here are some of the many (many) ways you can now get your legal THC fix:

1. THC Suckerz
2. Bedder Budder’s Medicated Bon Bons
3. Mary Jane Mint Chip ice cream
4. Loaded Soda
5. XXX Body Rescue (a topical cream)
6. Killer Bee Brownie Mix
7. Medicated Olive Oil
8. Mt. Si Medicinals Cannabidiol Caps
9. Cavi Roll
10. THC Candies
11. Purple Arrow
12. Sativa JX-13

It’s worth noting that, between arguments over branding and packaging requirements, lack of consistency in potency, and the ease with which kids might get ahold of weed candies, edible marijuana has proved to be the most controversial aspect of legalization efforts. Of course, it could also be the most profitable. After all, we’re already addicted to junk food. Why not add a bit of a buzz?

Check out Adweek‘s full coverage, replete with bad bud jokes, here.

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