A Startup That Promises To Deliver What Women Really Want: Sexy Men As Servants

When Christina Nickas was planning on getting married, the project manager issued a brief to her friends regarding the bachelorette party: No strippers. Not just that, but it contained an outline for an acceptable replacement. “Hot, patient, polite, charming, cheeky without being disrespectful, well groomed, competent and most importantly ATTENTIVE.” That is a Man Servant.

Her friends Josephine Wai Lin and Dalal Khajah, former AKQA ad creatives, saw in that brief the potential for a new business idea. ManServants is a service that rents out dudes for a variety of tasks–less Midnight Cowboy or Hung, more Smithers-meets-Superman. Stuff like pouring champagne and taking pictures of you and your friends, acting as your private bouncer at the club or just generally being a really, really good looking butler.

It launches on September 1 and so far is only available in San Francisco. Any amateur Magic Mike’s out there feeling like this might cut into their profits should re-work their resume–the company is both taking orders from potential customers and applications for prospective man servants. In an email, Wai Lin and Khajah said they’ve attracted more recruits than they imagined.

“Apparently, guys love offering up their talents to the ladies,” the team says. “They offer to create personalized poetry, to spray rose water on their faces, to pick the best Instagram filter, to listen, and to tell women they are beautiful. Our recruiting process is a little different–we have a roster of ManServants but we cast for whatever the woman is looking for. So we’re always looking for guys.”JB