“Cheese Curls of Instagram” Reveals The Amazing World In A Bag Of Orange Snack Treats

Most people today are naturally predisposed toward looking for Easter Eggs. It’s a symptom of a generation weaned on finding hidden objects in dentist office issues of Highlights. We stare at fluffy clouds and find dogs and Mounts Rushmore, and some of us even see Jesus in our pancakes. It was perhaps only a matter of time before we got around to cataloging the found art in our snack packs.

Cheese Curls of Instagram is an account devoted to highly processed orange-ish things that are shaped like other things. The apparent malleability of unsettled Cheeto mix tends to result in finished forms that span the entire spectrum of shapes in a way we haven’t seen since, well, clouds. Generally, a Cheeto is longer than it is wide, but that seems to be the only rule. Beyond that, it’s anything goes, as some snack bits assume the shape of tiny dancers, fiery dragons, and all manner of footwear. (Read through the captions for some witty descriptions of each one.) What’s best, however, is when the benevolent angel who started this account shows off two or more Cheetos that work in tandem, like the Sumerian warrior above, who is either being knighted or executed.

The mechanical engineer who started the account told Yahoo Canada News that he was eating his first bag of Cheetos in years while busy working on a project and happened to find a Sasquatch “along with other interesting pieces.” And things just kind of progressed from there.

See a selection of his (undoctored) discoveries in the gallery above and tell us what you see in the comments.JB