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Lyft's Ride-Sharing Service Gets A New York City Greenlight, Will Hit The Streets At 7 O'Clock Tonight

[Image: Flickr user Torbakhopper]

After getting off to a rocky start in New York City, Lyft finally has the greenlight to launch in all five boroughs starting tonight at 7 p.m.

Since Lyft’s initial plan of expanding its ride-sharing service to NYC, the company has battled NYC’s Taxi and Limousine Commission over regulation and safety issues, resulting in a cease-and-desist letter from the New York State Department of Financial Services that threatened fines and legal action against Lyft and its drivers—all of which ultimately deferred Lyft’s original July 11 launch date.

Lyft consented to comply with the TLC’s regulations after several sessions in New York's Supreme Court, and all parties appear to have come to a working agreement. Part of that agreement, however, includes halting Lyft’s services in Buffalo and Rochester for reasons having to do with insurance until August 1.

In a statement, Lyft said:

We’ll continue to work with the TLC, Department of Financial Services, and the Attorney General’s office to craft new rules for peer-to-peer transportation in New York. As part of our agreement to move forward in New York City, Lyft will pause operations in Buffalo and Rochester by August 1st, while we work with the Attorney General’s Office and Department of Financial Services to align New York State’s insurance laws and regulations with emerging technologies of the 21st century.

Read Lyft’s full statement here.