China’s Baidu Is Developing A Self-Driving Car

The search engine giant says the technology is “at a very early stage.”

China’s Baidu Is Developing A Self-Driving Car
[Car Door: Bogdanhoda via Shutterstock]

So far, Google has dominated the conversation surrounding self-driving cars, but now China’s search engine equivalent Baidu has something to say: A rep for Baidu confirmed to Tech in Asia that the company is developing its version of a self-driving car, but it’s “at a very early stage.”

Baidu previously announced plans of creating self-riding bicycles, which makes sense as bicycles remain the predominant method of transportation in China. However, with automobile usage on the rise in China–not to mention the country remaining the world’s No. 1 producer of cars–Baidu’s investment in extending its research into autonomous transportation to automobiles is a shrewd, and not too surprising, business move.

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