Quote Of The Week: Be A Quitter

There’s no shame in leaving a fruitless endeavor in the dust.

Quote Of The Week: Be A Quitter
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Work harder, be more tenacious, stop complaining, and dig in deeper. The pep talks we give ourselves in the midst of an impossible project or endlessly awful work environment all have the same undertone: Never be a quitter.

But we think Facebook Product Manager Bo Ren has it right. “Persisting is useless if you’re on the wrong path,” she said. Stressing out your team, exhausting your resources, and wasting time on a futile endeavor is doing no one–not even your ego–any favors.

This week’s quote comes from Ren, in the article “Why It’s Okay To Quit:”

“All new beginnings come from quitting something.”

It’s hard to admit when you’ve been pursuing a white whale of a goal. Next time you’re tempted to hang on until the last thread snaps, remember that letting go frees you up for something new.

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