Please Do F*cking Look At Me! David Lynch Is Designing Women’s Workout Wear

Noted purveyor of nightmares and dreamscapes, David Lynch, has a certain reputation. His fans know that at any moment he might come out with an album called Crazy Clown Time or write a book about transcendental meditation. Even with an expectation for odd choices, though, fans probably could not have predicted that the director’s next venture would involve women’s sportswear.

David Lynch

Lynch, a vocal proponent of transcendental meditation, has apparently teamed up with model Alyssa Miller and wellness website Live the Process to create a line of lycra-based workout leggings that hug your body like a gas mask over Dennis Hopper’s face. It’s a move that makes sense because at this point it’s clear David Lynch will do anything he damn well pleases, and because one of those things is advocating the benefits of meditation, even through yoga clothes. The leggings and matching tops come in leopard and camouflage for a Monet painting.

Read an interview with the filmmaker explaining the new clothing line here and take a better look in the slides above.JB