At last, a VR simulator that lets you fight the giant monsters from Pacific Rim by @chrisgayomali via @FastCompany
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A Simulator That Lets You Fight The Giant Monsters From Pacific Rim? Yes, Please

Soon, you'll be able to get a (virtual) feel for piloting one of the jaegers from Guillermo del Toro's ode to monster films.

You can already swap bodies with someone of the opposite sex and explore Seinfeld's Upper West Side apartment using virtual reality. What you haven't been able to do, though, is punch a gigantic monster in the face.

Thankfully, that will soon change.

At San Diego Comic-Con kicking off today, Legendary Pictures will reveal a new virtual reality simulator for the Oculus Rift that shows you what it's like to pilot one of the hulking, 250-foot-tall jaeger mechs from the surprise 2013 hit Pacific Rim. Based on Guillermo del Toro's ode to monster epics, Comic-Con attendees will be able to try the Rift out for themselves at the Legendary Pictures booth, as they attempt to save humankind from eradication.

The Oculus VR EffectImage: Flickr user BagoGames

The game, Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot was built using the Unreal Engine 4, and thrusts you into the fluorescent cockpit of Gipsy Danger—the main monster-fighting machine from the movie.

Unfortunately, details about the title are sparse, but if it apes even a fraction of the special effects from the film, it could well end up being a wet dream for the nerd set. Just remember to breathe through your nose.

[h/t: Ubergizmo]

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  • Jordi Ballester Sadurni

    Trying to sell Toy Story IV? This things are simply puppets commanded by monkeys. ¿Can you also have a real conversation with jaegers If you want ? shure not. It just replay your movements. Chat with a real cyborg called Ramona 4.2, at, and you'll feel what the artificial inteligence can do.