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Tencent Invests $3.2 Million In App-Connected Laundry Service

China's $139 billion Internet giant wants your dirty clothes.

Tencent Invests $3.2 Million In App-Connected Laundry Service

[Image: Flickr user Bilal Kamoon]

One of China’s biggest Internet companies hopes its latest investment will become the country’s Uber of laundry: Tencent recently announced RMB 20 million ($3.2 million) in funding for laundry chain Rongchang’s app Edaixi.

For a flat rate of RMB 99 ($16 US) per bag, customers can have their laundry picked up, cleaned, and returned within 72 hours. Edaixi also offers to clean a wide range of items beyond clothes, including furniture, shoes, and even air conditioners.

With funding from Tencent, known for its aggressive maneuvering, Edaixi plans to expand its service beyond Beijing and create distribution units to have couriers available to pick up laundry within 48 minutes.

H/T Tech In Asia

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