William Shatner Does Not Like Facebook’s Mentions App That Asked Him To Follow George Takei

The Star Trek legend posted a thorough review of Facebook’s new celebs-only app on his blog.

When Facebook released its celebrity-only Mentions app last week, the goal was to rope in verified celebs and give them an apparatus to monitor what people are saying about them across the social network. Now we’re getting our first glimpse of what it’s like behind the velvet rope courtesy of a legendary fameball: Captain James Tiberius Kirk himself.


Writing on his blog, William Shatner of Star Trek fame dives into Facebook’s new Mentions app with a full-throttle review that compares its backend to a standard Facebook Page.

The overall verdict? He thinks the app is “ill conceived.”

For starters, it asked him to follow other celebrities, starting, predictably, with George Takei–his old costar and social media wundkerkind–with whom there is no love lost, to put things lightly. Writes Shatner:

When you install the Mentions App you cannot proceed further until you follow another one of their other ‘celebrity’ accounts. The first person on the list I was given was George Takei (rolling my eyes.) I ended up choosing Robert Downey Jr. to follow and then I hid his posts (sorry Robert!) I think that is a big flaw in the set up. If this app is for celebrities then WHY force them to follow another celebrity in order to set up this app? I think that is a flaw; I’m already following those who I want to follow–why insist I follow that short list of others?

Shatner’s review is thorough, thoughtful, and worth a read if you’re interested. If that whole shilling for Priceline thing doesn’t work out, hey, who knows? Maybe tech blogging is in the stars.

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