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Facebook Still Drives More Traffic Than Any Other Social Network

[Image: Flickr user kris krüg]

For a while, everyone was all but certain that Facebook had peaked and was heading toward obsolescence. Well, as uncool as it might be, teens haven't abandoned the social network, and a new report finds Facebook continues to lead in social referrals by a wide margin. Take note, marketers.

From June 2013 to June 2014, Facebook drove 23.4% of social referrals across the web. Pinterest trailed at a distant second at 5.7%. Twitter, at 1%, came in third place, beating the combined referrals from StumbleUpon, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, according to content discovery company Shareaholic.

Within the past year, Facebook's traffic referral share increased 14 percentage points. Pinterest and StumbleUpon were the two other networks that saw a gain at 2.34 percentage points and 0.07 percentage points, respectively. The rest of the networks highlighted in this study all experienced losses.

Tweaks to Facebook's News Feed algorithm seem to be working, according to Shareaholic. Once a cluttered stream, the News Feed has been retooled to surface higher-quality content and give users more control over what they're sharing. In particular, it's deprioritized clickbait stories and automatic postings by third parties.