• 07.21.14

Instagram Celebrity And Professional Bro Dan Bilzerian Is Now The Subject Of Instagram Watercolor Portraits, Obviously

This may legitimately be the coolest thing associated with Dan Bilzerian’s name.

Say what you will about Dan Bilzerian, the professional gambler and venture capitalist whose Instagram account–which features countless shots of the Bilzerianaire celebrating the perks of his wealth in the easily-photographed form of fancy cars, fancy guns, and fancy mostly-naked ladies–has made him something of a celebrity to those who aspire to excess and douchiness: He does know a striking image when he sees one.


The bearded bro-king (whose most recent photo on the site at press time features two seated ladies with their backs to the camera, on a bed, without pants, with the letters “BIL-ZE” and “RI-AN” written across their butt cheeks) has inspired both envy and disgust, a human Rorschach test that can help determine the viewer’s values. And now, he’s also inspired a tribute account, @danbilzerianized, which features pen-and-watercolor-style interpretations of Bilzerian’s famous photos.

The images–which appear to have been created in the Paper By 53 iPad app–capture the spirit of Bilzerian’s most Bilzerian-y photos, with the bro himself inserted into the frame (often with a dialogue bubble illustrating Bilzerian’s original captions). The piece based on the butt cheeks photo, for example, features a bearded Bilzerian character with a knife and fork, preparing to dig-in to the butts he’s branded. That’s probably as pointed a commentary on Bilzerian’s aesthetic and the way his hobby treats women as the @danbilzerianized artist–who remains anonymous at the moment–has made thus far, but regardless, Bilzerian doesn’t seem to mind. The account, which launched three weeks ago and has amassed over 60,000 followers, received a rare “shoutout” from Bilzerian himself last week. Congratulations?

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