Weird Al Spoofs Office Jargon In The Finale Of His Album Release Week

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Weird Al Spoofs Office Jargon In The Finale Of His Album Release Week

“We must all efficiently operationalize our strategies. Invest in world class technologies, and leverage our core competencies.”

If you get through the four minutes and 34 seconds of “Mission Statement,” the lyrics almost begin to make sense. And if you’ve sat through a really bad meeting, it will certainly feel familiar.

The final installment of Weird Al Yankovic’s week of video premieres from his new collection, released on July 15, is a fitting end to an album titled “Mandatory Fun.” Drawn in whiteboard cartoon-style, a la cheesy onboarding video, the Crosby, Stills & Nash pastiche calls us out on corporate jargon. He harmonizes in praise of synergy–as oil fields toil behind a meditating suit and money bags sprout wings.

“I wanted to do a song about all the ridiculous double-speak and meaningless buzzwords that I’ve been hearing in office environments my entire life,” he told the Wall Street Journal.

This one won’t be the ear worm “Tacky” is, but what it lacks in catchy hook, “Mission Statement” brings in production effort: a 10-month collaboration with whiteboard animation company TruScribe.

And if you’re wondering, Graham Nash loved the spoof. In a Reddit AMA last week, Yankovic says he ran into Nash in New York after recording the song. What followed was serendipity: “…the first words out of [Nash’s] mouth are, ‘So, when are you gonna do a parody of ‘Suite: Judy Blue Eyes’??’ I whipped out my iPhone and played ‘Mission Statement’ for him. Instant request!”

Thanks for a weird week, Al. You can be our startup’s Chief Creativity Officer any day.

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