The Recommender: Ivanka Trump, Neil Blumenthal, And More Share Their Picks For The Month

What are you loving this month?

The Recommender: Ivanka Trump, Neil Blumenthal, And More Share Their Picks For The Month
Rob Veres recommends Tycho [Photo by Reuben Wu]

1. Ryan Holmes
Founder and CEO, Hootsuite


Indo Boards: “If I could have a superpower, it’d be perfect balance. Indo boards help me practice physical balance and keep me moving, even when I’m in the office.”

2. Neil Grimmer
Cofounder and president, Plum Organics

Cervélo S2 Bicycle: “Exercise unlocks creativity, keeps my mind sharp, and makes me a better business leader. This bike has gotten me through three Ironmans–and I just signed up for another one!”

3. Alison Pincus
Cofounder, One Kings Lane

Hatch Collection: “Pregnant women often feel as if they can’t look their very best, or they don’t feel comfortable. Hatch Collection does a fantastic job of creating pieces for them.”


4. Rob Veres
Senior director of innovation and new ventures, eBay

Tycho: “His ambient electronic music makes up a good chunk of our office soundtrack, and we also get design inspiration from his blog at”

Tycho Albums Drive (Left), and Awake

5. Ahmed Rahim
Cofounder and CEO, Numi Organic Tea

Photo by Celine Grouard

The Education of The Child, by Rudolf Steiner: “Providing all children–especially those in inner-city areas–with a quality education is one of the most critical missions of our time. This book highlights the way kids absorb information and can function at their highest capacity.”

6. Ivanka Trump
Executive vice president of development and acquisitions, The Trump Organization


ETA app: “It tells you how long it will take you to get somewhere in current traffic. This is a lifesaver for me when I have to rush from a meeting to pick up my children.”

7. Sam Calagione
Founder, Dogfish Head Brewery

Spruce Essential Oil: “Traveling for work can be disorienting. To bring some continuity, I always pack a small bottle of this and sprinkle a few drops onto a T-shirt over my pillow each night. It’s supposedly good for aches and pains.”

8. Neil Blumenthal
Cofounder, Warby Parker

The Promise of a Pencil, by Adam Braun: “I wish I’d read it when I was about to graduate from college. It’s reaffirming that life is about following your passion, and to follow your passion, you have to discover what that is.”


9. Michael Phillips Moskowitz
Founder, Bureau of Trade

Haw-lin: “Haw-lin is not just a mood board–What you tend to find is much more eclectic and surprising. If you click on any individual posting, it leads you to places that should be on your radar.”

10. Lisa Stone
Cofounder and CEO, BlogHer

Cards Against Humanity: “It’s the Mad Libs of card games, written for an NC-17 audience. The better you know people, the more outrageously fabulous fun the game will be, as long as people are willing to take a few risks.”

Fast Company Recommends

Photo by Celine Grouard

Dataclysm: In a fascinating new book, OkCupid cofounder Christian Rudder goes deep on dating data.

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Christian Rudder’s Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One’s Looking) is a smart and funny trip through information that the OkCupid cofounder has collected from his dating site, as well as from Twitter, Facebook, Craigslist, and other places where people express their innermost thoughts and desires. The above map–based on one of many charts and graphs found in the book–shows answers to one of OkCupid’s compatibility-determining “match questions”: “What’s more important to you right now, sex or love?” The results aren’t always what you would expect. “Montana and Georgia tend to vote the same way, but there is something fundamentally different about the people in those states,” says Rudder. “Montana is pretty firmly Republican, but it’s a different vibe: There’s more self-reliance and independence. One way to be independent is sexual independence.”

Christian Rudder

Christian Rudder recommends:

The Circle, by Dave Eggers: “Insofar as Dataclysm paints a picture of the potentialities of the aggregate, Eggers did a really good job of showing the negative implications of data collection on an individual level.”

YouTube guitar lessons: “You can say, ‘I wonder how the finger-picking pattern goes in “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright,” ’ a Bob Dylan song, and then go find somebody who will sit there and teach you how to do it exactly. It’s amazing.”

Dota 2:Defense of the Ancients is a five-versus-five on-line video game. You can play with your friends and pretend to be some kind of spell caster, and yet it won’t suck you into a world of darkness and cosplay like World of Warcraft.”